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18 definitions by konrad

A piece of equipment used to produce music.
Dude, a saxaphone isn't an instrument.
by Konrad July 27, 2004
The noun "sax" can refer to the entire saxaphone family of not-so-musical instruments, and generally refers to the most common "sax", that being the alto saxaphone. It was abbriviated in order to not be so long as to confuse the already-addled minds of those who actually enjoy playing the instrument.
"If you honk that sax one more time, I'ma gonna take it and throw it in the bay!"
by Konrad July 27, 2004
The saxaphone, a family of instruments containing the alto saxaphone and others. It is most accuratly defined as a loud car horn that will produce multiple pitches. Some people believe that this family of instruments is capable of playing music, but anyone who has ever heard the terrible instrument will tend to disagree with that.

It is a noun, and often abriviated as the "sax."
Quit honkin' that saxaphone youngster! I was tryin' to get me some sleep!
by Konrad July 27, 2004
When a girl is chubby but is not fat u say that she has baby phat. Used for girls that have smooth skin, are not skinny, and you think that they are cute.
J: Jenny's cute.
L: No jenny's fat
P: No she just got some baby phat on her
by Konrad April 09, 2005