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Thankfully short-lived joke form of samba, a commercial bastardisation aimed at satisfying overweight, sweaty businessmen who could do no more than limply shuffle their feet about in pursuit of fame, fitness, fashion and pussy.
Lambada was a Brazilian answer to karaoke.
by kofi May 18, 2003
(UK): aka Docs. (a pair of) Doc(tor) Marten's, a brand of robust, "sensible" boots that regularly seem to go in and out of fashion with teenagers and particularly students, male and female alike, who want to look down-to-earth.
Alice: Howdy poddner. Say, ah juss dunn gunn got me this hiyer payer of ginn-you-ine DMs! - howja likem?!
Sarah: Why the fake American accent? Cool shoes, by the way!
Alice: Why, aren't they American?
by kofi May 15, 2003
1. see nymph definition 2
2. someone (usually of a woman) who bizarrely seems to want to have sex with others but to leave out the speaker
A: Did you hear, Tracy's desperately trying to get a bunckh of guys together together for a gangbang at her place this weekend.
B: What? I thought the bitch'd had three different boyfriends this week alone!
A: Yeah, exactly, but that's a nympho for ya!
B: ... So d'you think we could maybe wangle an invite out of her?
by kofi May 09, 2003
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