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I gonna sign yo pity on the runny kine.
Sa-da-tay, my Daimee.
runny kine??? Don't ask... I don't know either.
by Knucklehead Steve October 10, 2004
One who sniffs farts. A person that snorts up the anal fumes of another. Not to be confused with a fart lighter.
1) Dude, you are a fart sniffer, man.

2) She said she was a fart sniffer so I obliged her, but I pushed too hard and made her eat corn. Bummer....
by Knucklehead Steve September 27, 2004
Browncappin is when you got to take a shit so bad that the round end of the turd starts poking out your asshole, usually accompanied by skidmarks in the underwear. I guess the first person seeing this happen up close thought it looked like there was a cap on the asshole. Some places in Maryland it is also considered a derogatory declaration aimed at someone. I mean, if somebody yanked down their drawers and browncapped you, how would YOU feel about it? Getting "browncapped" is plenty good reason to kick somebodys ass.
1) Man, I browncapped the ol lady last night and the ho threw a friggin lamp at me..... crazy biatch.

2) I was stuck in traffic this morning on the beltway for 2 hours. I was browncappin so bad that I had to pinch one off in a McDonalds cup.

3) Baby, keep on bitchin, you gonna mess around and get browncapped if you don't watch yo mowf.
by Knucklehead Steve October 10, 2004
It means "all up inside". Inside of what, you may ask. Well, just use your imagination. It and mean all up inside of just about anything.
1) I spread that bitches cheeks and thowed tung allupinzoid.

2) I had a major boog stalagtite so I had to thow finger allupinzoid to dig it out.

3) She was beggin for the thobby noodle so I thowed it allupinzoid.
by Knucklehead Steve July 31, 2004
Ok, its when you got to take a shit so bad that the turd is already emerging from your asshole and the end of it is poking into your cotton underwear. Also know as browncappin.
1) Man, I got to get off the phone.....I'm poking cotton.

2) I didn't shit for a whole week but after I ate them tacos I was poking cotton.
by Knucklehead Steve July 09, 2005
A spooge-a-holic is a chick or dude (eww) that just loves nuthin better than to swallow mass quantities of spooge. Bukake videos are made featuring spooge-a-holics. Also see spoogehog. A very attractive trait for a woman to posess.
1) She was a raging spooge-a-holic.... after she did me and I passed out, she did everyone else at the party too.

2) Man, I love that little bukake bitch.... what a spooge-a-holic.

3) Shes a spooge-a-holic, I gave her desert.
by Knucklehead Steve May 23, 2005
A nose nugget is one of those wonderful little green suprizes that you discover fluttering in your nostril. Sometimes they are hard and crunchy, and sometimes they are soft and mushy. Not to be confused with snot, which is of a more liquid consistency and can be stretched out to 100 times its original length. Nose nuggets are very handy for picking and flicking into someones hair that you dont like. Or to wipe in an unsuspecting place for someone else to discover. What a thoughtful suprize. Now go out there and share your nose nuggets with everyone.
1) Dude, I was escavating a monster nose nugget last night and I yanked and yanked on it and it finally came out but I think I yanked a piece of my brain with it...help me get this bitch back in there.

2) The snotty bitch kept shushing me at the movies so I flicked about six nose nuggets in her hair during the flick.

You should see my nose nugget collection....got em all boxed up and labeled...must be 2500 strong by now.
by Knucklehead Steve September 27, 2004

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