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Vocaloid is a singing synthesis software created by Yamaha. Standing for "Vocal Android" it is a computer program which you can use various singing voices to create songs. Each voice is provided by a "seiyuu" or voice actor, and then named and given box art. The first Vocaloids were "Leon" and "Lola" created by Zero-G who sing in English. Then they also released Mirium. After this the first Japanese Vocaloid was released, "Meiko". After this "Kaito" was released, the first Japanese male. Vocaloid 2 was the updated version of the program, and the first voice released was "Sweet Ann" by PowerFX. Crypton, another Japanese company then released "Hatsune Miku", who is now the most popular and well known Vocaloid. Vocaloids later released by Crypton, in order of release are "Kagamine Rin and Len" and "Megurine Luka". Various other notable Vocaloids by different companies are "Gackpoid", "Megpoid", "Prima", "Hiyama Kiyoteru", "Kaai Yuki","SF-A2 Miki", "Sonika" and "Big Al". An update for "Hatsune Miku" was later released, named "Hatsune Miku Append". This contained 6 human-like voices suited to different genres. The other Crypton Vocaloids are also scheduled for Appends. Vocaloid 3 has been confirmed, and will be the most realistic sounding program yet.
I love "Vocaloid". Hatsune Miku FTW.
Yeah, she's so awesome! I like the one where she spins the leek!
Oh, you mean Ieven Polkka? Yeah that's good. I like Love is War more though
by knowledgeable otaku July 08, 2010

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