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4 definitions by kn8 2.0

A giant rabbit that can kick your ass
Guy: "my favorite animal is a kangaroo; it's basically a giant rabbit that can KICK YOUR ASS!"
by kn8 2.0 May 19, 2009
a word used to describe something surprising or unexpected. Coined by the comedy band Llama Mafia, it is a derivative of l33t speech, with impressions of more secular gamer slang.
It's commonly used to replace words such as "egads" or "gasp".
Guy 1 "dude, im moving to the future."
Guy 2 "Eeikzors!"
by kn8 2.0 April 06, 2009

Chillaximatating, Chillaximatated

A combination of Chilling, Relaxing, and Meditating. Used to describe a laid back social gathering or activity. Usually when there is not much else to do, or after completing something worthy of meriting a break.
Guy 1: "Hey man, what you up to?"
Guy 2: "Nothin man, just chillaximatating."

Guy 1: "Lets go to T's house and chillaximatate, im tired."

Guy 1: "What did you do while i was gone?"
Guy 2: "I just chillaximatated."

Guy 1: "DUDE, i just smoked a ton of hash, and now...and now, CHIPMUNKS!!!! AHHH, THEIR EATING MY KIDNEYS!!!"
Guy 2: "Whoa man, settle down. Those aint no chipmunks. Thems the hash fairies man. You just gotta let em work their magic. Just chillaximatate."
by kn8 2.0 July 04, 2009
A budunkadunk that has extra Funk. Used to describe the best budunkadunks for dancing, shaking, and overall funkyness.
Guy 1: "Yo man, have you seen Brianna's budunkaFUNK?"
Guy: 2:"Hell ya man! It's so fine it's like a shot of vodka on crack!"

Girl 1:"I hate my budunkafunk, it's too big!"
Girl 2:"Honey, you can't have a budunkafunk that's too big."
by kn8 2.0 December 13, 2009