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scene girls:

-have a weird choppy haircut with bangs usually parted to the side
-almost any color hair its just usually weird.
-heart bright eyeshadow and eyelinerr.
-heart make-up period.
-wear skinny jeans or dresses and stuff
-van slip ons or converse or nike or flats other colorful unique shoes you know.
-listen to techno or screamo or something like that.
-usually nice i guess.
-heart hello kitty and gloomy bear
-usually dont tan.
-some wear thick rimmed glasses or huge sunglasses
-hairbow on one side of head
-fake eyelashes?
-love going to shows
-angled myspace pics

scene mans:

-long hair, maybe a weird hair cut or color
-usually conceited
-nikes or converse or vans shoes usually
-hoodies and tight tee shirts
-skinny girl jeans.
-bright colors
-some wear eyeliner.
-lots of friends on myspace
-may talk like a girl?
-likes screamo or hardcore metal musicaa
jock: look at that weird scene kid with his pants all tight n shit, lets jump him!
by kmpbaby05 March 29, 2008

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