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The arguably second best way to smoke the Good Herb (second only to a sick ass Bubbler or a phat Bong). They come in all sizes, but only one shape and color - Long/cylindrical, and brown. Like papers, you can find blunts (cigars) or blunt wraps (an un-rolled cigar with no tobacco rolled up inside) at almost any gas station for as cheap as 50 cents a wrap. Compared to papers, blunts last longer, taste better, give bigger hits, and you can fit massive amounts of the Good Herb into one without having to put multiple wraps together. If you're a fan of joints but have never smoked a nice blunt, do yourself and all your smoking buddies a favor and go to your nearest gas station and pick up some blunts. They come in all different flavors, such as Mango, Peach, Strawberry, Grape (my personal favorite), Kush (in some places), Blueberry, etc. Once you're back home get some of your finest Herb nice and ground up, lay it down real sweet-like in your favorite flavor of blunt, and start closing that big brown beauty of a blunt around the weed starting from one end and working down to the other. Don't be afraid to get that bitch as wet as it needs to be - it'll dry out real quick. (However, I've found that keeping the blunt kind of moist during the smokage makes it last even longer. Just make sure it ain't soaked). Once its ready to go, stick it in your mouth, apply some flame, and damn! Now you're smoking like a real OG.
Joo: Hey Klotzy, hit this joint I just rolled!

Klotzy: Man, don't give me that pussy ass spliff, let my man Dionne and me show you how it's done.
*Dionne and Klotzy rip up Joo's joint and proceed to roll a fat ass grape blunt*

Joo: But...but...but...!

by klotzy September 19, 2006

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