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Someone who hates on BMW's and is therefore a douche.

Yes you are mad you can't afford one and no we don't lease. We Own.

You're mad you can't afford one and have nothing better to do than write lies and bs about those who can afford one.

Maybe you should stick to your toyota since you would never be able to afford to buy one outright let alone put 20 g down for one to walk out of the dealership with it.

We make 100'000's of dollars a year and can therefore afford a bmw, a bmw douche can't. aka a( hater)AS IN WE have more power and money than you do and can afford better cars.

You're a BMW douche because you wish you had one yet can't afford one.
BMW douche is the guy who's hating on them not the drivers.
by klimx March 13, 2010

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