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To have an organism with a man and woman, man and man, woman and woman. You could also endure a three-some, when three people of the man or woman genders pleasure each other by their cock/dick, pussy/vagina.
Jordan walked home into her apartment one night. She had only one roommate, who's name was Amy. Amy had only been living with Jordan for about a week. Jordan knew about now that when she came from work, Amy was at the bar, or at a sex addict meeting. But weirdly, the television in one of the bedrooms was blaring with some late night porn. As she neared the room, she heard a moaning. Opening the door, she found Amy fully naked in the dark, stroking her pussy with a bottle of beer in her hand. It seemed that alot of beer bottles were on the floor. She took the bottle from Amy and put it to her lips, and it tasted like cum!

"Baby, save some of that action for me." Jordan cooed, turning around to put away her briefcase and to change.

"No, bitch." Amy immediately responded, getting up from the bed. She took the back of Jordan's blouse and turned her around, kissing her lips.

Jordan parted her lips to french Amy, and they played around with their tongues. Finally, Amy pushed Jordan to the door, though they still frenched each other.

Jordan responded with an, "Ugh?!", while Amy slowly unbuttoned the blouse. Jordan's black lace bra was taken off, and even the skirt slid to the floor. All Jordan was wearing was a lace thong.

"Been waitin' for me, huh, Jori?" Amy said when they stopped kissing.

"Mhmmm." Then, Amy started kissing down her body, licking around her nipple once she got to her boobs. Jordan started moaning, and when Amy took off her thong, she started moaning louder because Amy flicked Jordan's clit with her tongue.

Jordan soon got into an orgasim, when Amy thrusted her tongue into her vagina, squeezing the clit with her fingers.

"Oh my God!" she had yelled, but Amy stopped. She stood back up, smirking. Winking, she went back to her small dresser and took out a pair of cuffs and lubricant, and also a vibrating dildo.

Amy cuffed Jordan to the bedpost, and put the lubricant and dildo next to her. Amy then started dancing seducely, masturbating herself while doing so. The television was still on.

She was rubbing her clit, while caressing her left boob.

"Aghh! Give me some of that you damn, fucking whore!" Jordan yelled, struggling against the cuffs. Smiling, Amy walked slowly, with her boobs bouncing, to a beer bottled and poured it down Jordan's throat.

Amy smiled, then fingered Jordan. Then used three fingers, then four, then her whole fist. "Damn, bitch, you're so damn wet!'

Jordan smiled. "I know, babe. And it's all because of you."

Amy grinned, taking her hand out splattered with cum. She licked her hand once, and smiled. "Delicious, babe." she said, then thrust her hand into Jordan's mouth. "You're cum is so tasty Jordan."

Amy then took the vibrating dildo and stuck it inside of Jordan's still-wet vagina. She licked her asshole while pushing and pulling the vibrating dildo.

"Oh my.." Jordan screamed, moving wildly from the hotness in her body. Amy grinned as Jordan cummed, but didn't stop. Intstead, she took her other hand and started stroking her own wet pussy.

Then, an hour later, Amy stopped and readjusted the cuffs lower. Then put herself on top of Jordan, lowering her pussy to her mouth.

They started a 69er, the heat rising up in the room. Finally, after two hours, they both had cummed inside each other's mouth, and were sleeping drunk beside each other, their nipples rubbing against each other.

And after that, every night when both of them were home, they did the same thing.
by kinkyfreak:) June 23, 2009
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