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2 definitions by king23232495

when you wake up and you have an unusually large boner. like, crazy big. and then it doesnt go away for like 3 hours, no matter how much you think about a naked hillary clinton dropping a cinderblock on your penis
i woke up this morning, and i had morning redwood. it still hasnt gone away
by king23232495 November 07, 2009
the female equivalent to a sausagefest. a large gathering of human with tittys (preferably female, but if there is a lack of persons from the female party, fat people will gladly fill the space)
guy1: dude!! there are like 4 gazillion girls in that room!! lets go!!

guy2: nah man, thats a titty party and we dont fit the criteria.


fatguy1: hey friend! there are some females in the adjacent room!! lets go!!

fatguy2: yeah man!! they're having a titty party, and we got what they need!!
by king23232495 February 27, 2010