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1. A nutsack, ballocks, balls, cullions, gonads
2. extreme cyber porno grind band from Germany whose music is influenced by such bands as Nunwhore Commando 666 (NWC's singer is Olli (Libido Airbag) Gut, Devourment, Butcher ABC, and C.S.S.O (clotted symetric sexual organ).
Some characteristics of Libido Airbag include gutteral croaked vocals with heavy reverb, phasing, and octave shifting effects, jungle and hardcore techno beats, also the guitar and bass are tuned to A (most of the time)
1. That son of a bitch wanted to give water to my dog so i kicked his libido airbag across the parking lot.

2. Libido airbag makes my girlfriend hella horny... so we listen to it a lot.
by kharhl evans August 05, 2005
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