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When a bunch of stupid rich liberals buy land near poor peoples' houses and build expensive houses and specialty restaurants. This forces the poor people out due to rising expenses.

Once gentrified, the once-affordable houses will become overpriced cafes, specialty restaurants, high-end lofts, and even social justice centers (no, not actual Social Justice, Social Justice Warriors.)

The neighborhoods usually become commercial centers (only for those who can afford ten dollar ice cream,) art districts (only for people who like urinals being passed off as art,) and gay neighborhoods (not for gays who got chased out of their houses by their homophobic, conservative parents and are broke, but for ones that can afford to go to Gay Day at Disney World every year.)

They also have dumb abbreviated names (for example, a town called Greentown might call a gentrified neighborhood in their southwest "GreToSoWe.") Some think that gentrification only affects minority neighborhoods; not true, many gentrified neighborhoods are white or mixed race. Notable gentrified neighborhoods include SoHo, Darien Street, and Metro Atlanta. A notable fictional example is SoDoSoPa from South Park.
Person 1: I love all the great new shopping districts here! Isn't it simply divine? Gentrification made this place so great!

Person 2: No, I hate it because the gentrification means I can't pay my rent and have to move to Compton.
by Kfcnyancat November 23, 2015
A stupid wiki full of Autism shaming, Retard shaming, Brony shaming, Gay shaming, meatspin, goatse, lemonparty, ads that give you viruses, and stereotypes.

The average Encyclopedia Dramatica user is 14 years old. He is at the stage of life where he things homophobia is good. He is also at the stage where mental diseases are fair game for insults disguised as jokes, and thinks shock sites are funny.

The developers of Encyclopedia Dramatica don't care about quality control; anything goes there. They just want to put ads that give viruses to appease their advertisers, sites like playpickle and many generic porn viruses.

The basic framework of an Encyclopedia Dramatica page: This person's autistic and he can't take an insult; be nice. Gay nigger faggot I love Meatspin wee!

Thankfully, there's a joke wiki that is actually FUNNY. It's called uncyclopedia. This is a better version of Uncyclopedia that doesn't use stereotypes or shock images to be funny.
I went on Encyclopedia Dramatica today; I had to go on Uncyclopedia for 13 hours to recover from how unfunny it was!
by Kfcnyancat April 18, 2014
The second best Mega Man game. Majorities will say the best, but science shows that Mega Man 3 is a better game. There is 12 levels, 8 robot masters and 4 wily stages. Also one of the only good rushed games.
Person 1:Mega Man 2 is the pinnicle of NES Gaming.
Person 2:Science shows Mega Man 3 is better.
by Kfcnyancat September 02, 2012
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