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Kaylasaurus rex: The cute dinosaur (genius name)

species type: amphibian, mammal

stood approximately 5 foot 5

brain mass to weight ratio : 1/40 same as a mouses'

DNA code Deoxyribonucleic acid double helix
same as a chimps

a friendly/cute dinosaur

claims to be a vegetarian. in all actuality is an omnivore :D
(meat & inominant objects; such as fruits, vegetables loves rice)

has braces, blue eyes

piercings few, purpose for piercing, scientist say, is to attract a potential mate
her most attractive piercing is the belly button piercing, this attracts many males.

she lives in packs, would rather be an individual, tho it seems she does not like her mother at times.

quite unique, because, this species'/dinosaur hair used to be blonde, and now has darker hair. and wears glasses

not the brightest of its kind,
but her IQ is 140

first existed since april 10th year 199? - unknown
lives in the 21st century to present

loves music and her friends and occassional cuddling with her current boyfriend. if shes in the mood, she will occassionally kiss him. its actually a rare site.

he's lucky.

and when out in the sun for long periods of time, the kaylasarus rex's skin turns from a pale white to an apple red. then eventually shedding obtaining a new layer of skin. the burn soon turns into a tan

making the kaylasaurus very very attractive ; )

all the guys get these

8============> <-- they get that :p

oddly colored skin is one of her more redeeming traits.

patches of pale, red skin. is quite often during the summer months.

all and all they are going extinct

for there is only 1 kaylasaurus- Rex left in the world

and i couldn't be any luckier to have her all to myself

i love kayla rexine!
you. dude, i saw a kaylasaurus-rex.

Me. yeah, that's my girlfriend. haha
by kevinmichaelmills! August 21, 2009

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