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Someone that is risky to have around because they are on the urge to blowing it. A person that you know will end up ruining a perfect situation.
Lets go hit on them girls, but leave Jon behind. When that kid drinks he becomes a time bomb.
by kevin kage March 02, 2011
A girl that one must go through in order to get with her friend. It is like the mother goose that will cock block unless you get her approval.
Damn, I spent 30 minutes impressing that toll booth so I could hook up with her hot friend.
by kevin kage March 02, 2011
A long line of various nutritional supplements used in the fitness industry to promote better muscle tone, recovery, strength gains, and endurance.
N.O. Explode is great muscle candy.
by Kevin Kage July 01, 2012
1) A woman/man who appears much hotter in the dark than with the lights on.

2) The act of turning off the lights to hide an unattractive mate.
1) Bro, its last call at the bar. Club lights are about to come on and your in for a surprise. That girls a light switch.

2) Although she's ugly, i haven't got any in a while. When i get home, i'll just light switch her.
by kevin kage March 02, 2011

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