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Town in Vermont full of white people (mostly rednecks) that have no clue of the outside world
I can't stand the people in Barre, VT
by Kevin May 02, 2003
1. A girl that is very good looking and/or fuckable.
example 1. Wow look at that daddy I wanna hook up with her.

2. Sarah you look daddy tonight.

3. Sarah I wanna daddy you.
by Kevin February 16, 2005
One who has no grasp on the ecological concept of the food chain;

A person who doen't understand that if humans were not the dominant species on the planet, animals would be eating us;

Someone who has no respect for the eating traditions and culture of others
When I saw those Vegans protesting at the World Cup in Korea, apparently because they eat dog meat in that country, it made me want to kick every Vegan in the teeth. By locking themselves in cages, they not only looked ridiculous, but they also happen to be oblivious to the fact that Koreans have been eating dog meat for over 2,000 years.

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "Humans believing they are the dominant species on the planet is just plain arrogance. "Kevin" apparently doesn't realize that every animal raised for consumption doesn't die willingly, each and every one of them are murdered in cruel & extremely painful ways. He should also know that humans have a fruit & grass eaters characteristic body type and weren't designed to handle meat very well, ex: meat-related cancer humans develop & the negative effects of cholesterol on the human body.
"One who has no grasp on the ecological concept of a food chain..." The whole ecological concept must have something to do with this world's hunger problem: "80-90% of all grain grown in America is used to feed meat animals. A Harvard nutritionist, Jean Mayer, estimates that reducing meat production by just 10% would release enough grain to feed 60 million people." (What's Wrong With Eating Meat? V. Parham, PCAP Publications Cornona, NY) Vegans are caring individuals who have made countless sacrifices to help end the pain, exploitation, & murdering of animals on this planet, and have to "face the facts" to fully understand how humans and animals naturally exist together & the negative effects on humans & the planet when they don't. This "definition" is extremely offensive, hateful, & drastically inaccurate, & I request a deletion as soon as possible. Thank you."
by Kevin June 10, 2003
Butt Fuck Deutschland, see "BFE"
We were supposed to get off at the Berlin Train Station, instead here we are in BFD
by kevin December 14, 2003
derrives from the phrase "kthxbye"
by kevin February 05, 2003
totalling 3 awfully tricky tanks and a set of barbie wheels, these baked-potato throwing canucks prove to be quite annoying when attacking your clubhouse
- oh my god the canadian army is attacking us!
- really?
by kevin January 12, 2004
to fuck with someone that you have no interest in.
guess what man, i got laid with that ugly chick up there.
by Kevin October 27, 2003

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