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An acronym for "Bring Out The Squint". BOTS is usually the final step of an unsuccessful technical interview in the Bay Area in which the interviewee is ambushed by a Squint (a chink, slant, chinee) who furnishes the interviewee with a set of extremely difficult and ultimately irrelevant questions which are designed to prove the superiority of the interviewers intellect rather than screen for a suitable candidate for the job.
BOTS (Silicon Valley Interview)

Squint: If you had fifteen chickens and one had red feathers and the others had black feathers, what is the probability that I live with my parents in Union City?

Interviewee: Uh... 100 percent?

Squint: Elaborate.

Interviewee: Fuck you, I'm out of here.
by kenny wenny February 05, 2010

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