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Dead Like Me used to be on Showtime in 2003- 2004. It came up with only two seasons... making it not seen by most public. It is the most awesomest show in the world!! Ellen Muth, Mandy Patinkin, Callum Blue, Rebecca Gayheart, Jasmine Guy and Laura Harris are the main characters. George's (Ellen)mom, Joy, doesn't like the word "moist", and her dad, Clancy, is cheating on Joy with a college student. George's sister, Reggie, isn't having a hard time coping with George's death. George, now Millie, at Happy Time, thinks old people are intimidating. Now, on Tuesdays, DLM comes on SciFi.
I love Dead Like Me so much! I wish it never ended! Dead Like Me ROCKS!!!!!
by kendall. b September 05, 2007

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