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Stick it in a muffin (also phrased "place it in a muffin") basically means shut up, stop, yeild, do not continue...
Brittany: "Hey did I tell you about my date with Brad?!"
Lucille: "About a million times. Please, stop talking about Brad."
Brittany: "So, we went out to the movies, and-"
Lucille: "Gosh, Brittany, STICK IT IN A MUFFIN ALREADY!"
by kel z the super saur February 04, 2009
A term used to describe some one extremely cool who likes fall out boy and hot topic (and their names normally start with a A or K)
some one: "hey, did you see any super-saur guys at the mall?"
some one else: "nope."

some one: "hey look there goes Alexis the Super-Saur!"
some one else: "OMG I wish I was her!"
by kel z the super saur February 04, 2009
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