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23 definitions by kdawg

1) v. To annoy; to agitate. Other forms: pesking, very pesked.

2) Mocking other people by calling them stupid, a moron, laughing at them, and sometimes offending them with words such as f***, s***, b****, etc.

3) Hurting someone's own pride.
1) Brandon, your starting to pesk me!

2) Tony, watch your language before the whole world finds out that you pesk people and they'll end up hating you!

3) Sam, stop pesking me!
by Kdawg September 23, 2005
Nepalese Slang for ass
She has a big kondo (ass)
by KDawg May 20, 2004
A show on mtv, on which they pick a group of people to travel an area of the world together and complete missions
The new season of road rules is on crack
by kdawg July 09, 2003
Doing something the preferred way.
Making money the FLY WAY.
by KDAWG April 15, 2005
a term commonly used in soccer, this term also refers to an underground sexual fetish that is one of many to employ varying degrees/types of sexual acts involving snack food (Doritos, Fritos, etc.), the most popular of which - in this particular ftish act - are "Lay's Rippled Potato Chips." Often, a "Chip Fetishist" - or Chipisht, as they call themselves - will crumble Lay's Potato Chip products over the body of one's lover and the two people will proceed to rub their bodies together until their skin reaches an optimal oily texture. The secreted scent of the Lay's Potato Chip is considered an aphrodisiac by Chipishts. This particular action is called 'chipping the keeper.'
Tonight, babe, we should chip the keeper. You bring the Lay's, I'll bring the dip.
by kdawg April 10, 2003
Often used as an insult or more commonly a guesture of welcome.
1.) You fucking bitchtane, yur done.
2.) Bitchtaneeee! what's up???
by Kdawg March 13, 2003
a different way to say A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder)
"Hey! (do) You ever think UMITE HaB 80D?"
by KDAWG April 15, 2005