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Professional hairstyling, skin treatment and done up makeup that has stark contrast to the wash-and-wear hair and fresh-faced look. Usually worn all day long to remain Camera Hot and avoid camerambush, yet sometimes reserved for professional modeling or special events appearances. Guys often hope to fetch girlfriends who naturally look this way and are shocked when they find out that this is not the real-deal. Likewise, women can become unhappy with boyfriends that easily discard that aesthetically perfect look for the weekends.
"Did you see that celebrity's morning face?"
"No, she's always fully loaded."
"Check out the real face of fame without that camera-ready paint job."
"Are you sure this is her? I won't have recognized her."
by kbaltered March 20, 2013
Highly overcompensated executives and managers of the internal corporate culture with strong emphasis on interpersonal verbal skills, yet weak in technical and managerial soft skills; their only product is their word. Strong focus on giving back to the community and celebrating, while holding down compensation for productive staff and workers.
"These Yappers yap the pay and medical insurance of any positions they can't outsource."

"Yes, and there is always a corporate underpimp willing to uphold a Yapper. No wonder the workers are screwed."
by kbaltered August 17, 2014
The sudden unexpected signaling of displeasure with the current dating partner by insisting that each person pay for their part of the dinner date when it wasn't part of the original dating agreement. Either party can be the instigator of this rejection effectively ending the date.
"My date got up for the restroom," woman says into her cellphone, "but I don't think he's that into me."
"Why?" asks the BFF on the other end of the phone call.
Woman taps her credit card on the table: "I'm being dutched."
by kbaltered March 29, 2014
To rob people exiting trendy nightlife bars by hitting them on the back of the head with a brick.
"There was an apple picking last night, you know, at that wine bar near my apartment building."
by kbaltered January 18, 2015

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