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3 definitions by kazoo and kasoo

a daughter who sluts her cunt around..
You know what she did, your cunting daughter?
the girl, cunting daughter gets dirty sanchez' every lunch break..
by kazoo and kasoo October 25, 2004
56 7
when one is being a wanker, as well as a mega bull shitter
oh yeah and there were 10 birds and they all wanted me.....
.... "oh yeah matt"....
by kazoo and kasoo November 27, 2004
5 0
similar to a dirty sanchez, only the recipient does not know they have been given one.
Hey, check out your neighbour neil. He has poo on his top lip. He looks as though he doesn't even realise.. I wont be lending sugar to him anymore.
by kazoo and kasoo November 24, 2004
3 2