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Thai slang denoting one with red hair that is found lurking in this sub tropical country. Attracts local attention due to her striking red hair and fair Irish skin. Often kidnapped and sold to Thai Freakshows and some have been known to have been exported to the likes of Paris to work in "bars"
Hey Gingru, i liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike you very mucccch
by kaz & joxter October 11, 2009
an addiction to plastic surgery, onset is very early in ones teenage years.
I hope when I move to LA i don't get a parko
by kaz & joxter October 11, 2009
Loves chick-flicks and Twilight and other forms of entertainment marketed towards teenagers, particularly that of the Vampire genre. Lives in a fantasy world where one day she will fall in love with edward cullen. Often seen reading books in nightclubs, do not interrupt or she will pounce.
I'm pulling a cat and watching the entire series of true blood.
by kaz & joxter October 11, 2009

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