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1. Noun: Governer of Wisconsin. Notorious for his anti-union, anti-planned parenthood, anti-education Budget Repair Bill, he is the epitome of douch-ness. He doesn't even have a college degree, as he was asked to leave Marquette for cheating (with a 2.3 GPA, mind you), yet he is a freaking governor.

2. Verb: To "Scott Walker" something, or screw it over, as in how Walker plans to screw public unions; or

to be "Scott Walker-ed", which is to get punk'd by a journalist pretending to be one of your tea-partier friends that supports big, unregulated business and funneled thousands of dollars into your campaign, when actually the journalist exposes you for the dirt bag sleezeball you are.
1. God, I HATE Scott Walker. He's setting us 50 years back in history as he's trying to destroy public unions!

2. Dude, I totally Scott Walker-ed you in COD last night!
by katsvit March 06, 2011

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