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To make a guest appearance at a social engagement or night out.
Casey: Are you going to the Le Tigre show?
Bianca: Maybe. I might make a cameo.
by katherine heathcliffe March 08, 2005
A state of constant arousal and wanton lust. Derived from the concepts of permanence and the root of horny.
Rocco: How's your day been?
Erol: Hard! severe case of permahorn.
by katherine heathcliffe February 23, 2005
Shortened from 'I Don't Give a Shit.'Only used in a negative turn of phrase.
(a)An expression of apathy and disapproval at something others may regard as above average/Good.
(b)To indicate that you do not care for something.
(a)Jocasta: Are you heading to Ministry tonight? Looks wicked.
Penelope: Givesy over Ministry. Meh.

(b)Rupert: Oh Folly! Tarquin's broken his leg!
Cuthbert: Givesy Rupert.I'm going for Pimms'...
by Katherine Heathcliffe October 10, 2005
Post-gay. Derived from a specific pronounciation of 'homme-er-sexual' and an enhanced euro-styled suffix.

Pertains both to the orientation of the individual (1) and their attributes (2). Can also be used in a negative or deragatory sense (3).
1. Chantelle: He's just not that into me...
Cherise: Of course not darl, he's (a) hommeurre.

2. Ricardo: What about if I wore these pink hotpants?
Ivan: To be honest, they're a little too hommeurre.

3. Christian: "This sucks. So totally hommeurre!"

FRANCE l'hommeurre
by katherine heathcliffe February 15, 2005
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