36 definitions by katherine

retarded as fuck, good to say when ur stoned... gets u laughing
dyamn hes wetawdid
by Katherine June 20, 2004
a cool person who usually plays drums in rockiano bands.
Dude, that guy is such a hoefar!
by katherine March 01, 2004
a playful and jokingly way of saying bitch
my best friend is the biggest bizznotch i know.
by Katherine September 09, 2002
Song by AFI, who rule.
You watched me dying.
Holding me down, you brought my rebirth.
by Katherine April 26, 2005
A cubical shaped male appendage, though rare, which is highly sought after by some ladies
He's my man because he has a cubewa
by Katherine March 29, 2004
it can mean cool, or drunk, or uncool, or shitty, or hot, or whatever, based on the connotation.
eg. (drunk) "man, i was so fuckin sliced last night!"
(attractive) "damn that dude is slicin'!"
(disgust/embarassment) "yo girl, that's sliced."
by Katherine February 07, 2005
Crazy antics; usually involving several of your insane friends.
We went out clubbing last night and ended up picking up some boys as well as some other shnactics.
by katherine January 12, 2005

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