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2 definitions by karlie and monique

the act of playing "the legend of Zelda" for days at a time or for countless hours.
"Let's go home and have a zeldathon!"
by Karlie and Monique February 21, 2009
109 26
When you send an IM on meebo and the person doesn't recieve it. A meebo fail usually follows with "meebo message: could not IM buddy" or "meebo message: could not connect to network"
B@biigurll169: hey bob
Bobbyboii86: heyy
Bobbyboii86: do you wanna go out wih me?
Meebo Message: could not IM buddy
B@biigurll169: do you like lemons?
Bobbyboii86: ughh meebo fail
by karlie and monique May 25, 2009
11 2