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When someone who like privacy puts 5% tint on every window of their car, but leaves a 1 foot tall line across the windshield to see through.
Many mexicans in my neighborhood have tank strips. They think people frown on them invading and selling drugs.
by kamel reds May 07, 2009
1. Oh My God, Fuck!

Back in 03' or 04' I was about 14 and was wasting my life playing a MMORPG called Runescape. I was on my level 60...
I had like 84 strength at the time, and was fighting a tank ranger. he had full rune (g).
I saw he was at about quarter health, so I pulled the rune 2h. I slammed a 24 almost instantly, killing him, and as he fell over his last words where: OMGF
It was amazing, me and my friend started laughing our asses off.
Despite his extremely high defense, I managed to finish him off with the rune 2h.
His final words where: OMGF
It's only 1.2 million gp... not too bad.
by Kamel Reds February 17, 2009
n. The ungodly sour wind that comes out of a girls vagina after taking too much cock in her lifetime.

Usually embarrassing the perpetrator causing them to leave after you say "I have to pee."
Lonewolf688: How was your date?

Kamel_reds: It was all good... until she pulled a queef and run! I think she ganked most of my condoms too!

Lonewolf688: What a skanky bitch.
by Kamel Reds February 26, 2009

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