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A male of greek/albanian/whatever heritage with very feminine features. Can be found sucking dick often.
Man that guy is a total Kalderpenis, I'd almost let him blow me!
by K.raker August 11, 2010
Anyone named Peter who enjoys ejaculating in his own hair.
God damn it Peter have you been shampooing with your semen again! you smell like one handed sex you fucking skeeter!
by K.raker August 11, 2010
to lose the will to resist and engage in sexual intercourse with someone who is obsessed or has an unhealthy attachment to you.

similarly any sexual act willingly undertaken that creates instant and overwhelming remorse can be deemed 'antirape'
Anika stalked me for ages and sent me that chewbacca toy she dipped in her vagina so eventually I caved and it was total antirape
by k.raker January 25, 2011
Any individual with a propensity for accidental self harm, generally these accidents contain a wildly humorous component.

i.e. deadening ones own leg and attempting to walk around with a jelly leg
1. I can't believe you crashed your car into your own house, what a BABA

2. what a BABA! how did you crush your own head in the car window
by k.raker June 16, 2011
An individual carrying an excess of feces in the large intestine, either due to constipation or the preamble to an explosive sphincter experience.
guys I have to go home, I'm a total carter and I don't want to break these nice peoples crapper
by k.raker May 24, 2011
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