3 definitions by k and D sessions

Someone who asks many stupid, pointless, obnoxious questions.
God! Jimmy is such an askhole. He won't stop asking me about my favorite teletubby and im about to smash him in the grill, kid.
by k and D sessions June 12, 2005
Orgasms. An easy way to talk about sex in public.
Jake: Yo, the ladies here are sauce. Ive been makin my own sandwiches for like three days.

Kyle: Naw, this girl Jenny that I met by the pool makes me sandwiches three times a day; breakfast , lunch, and dinner, haaa.

Jake: shiiiiiit.
by k and D sessions June 11, 2005
The person with all the knowledge. usualy used with a sarcastic connotation.
Casper: my out look on the situation...
telly: haaaaa , Mr. Wizard.
Casper: When you deflower a girl,its like gettin famed.They be tellin thier grandkids about that shit; "That Telly, he sure was good in the sack."
by k and D sessions June 11, 2005

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