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true love is that when you look back n realize that all the" i love yous u" have said to all the others mean absolutely nothing compared to what u feel with your present partner that not even the words "i love you" are enough to describe how much u feel for them.. true love is when after a wonderful friendship you both realize thatt there is more to yall>> its when u see them n realized how much u missed him/her even if it was just a day u havent seen them its when you are together and even the silence is beautiful as long as ur in their arms watching whatever view>> its when u go looking for a meaning of waht love is and realizing that not a even the most beautiful words put together can explain wat u feel for that person >> its when you have "loved" n been deceived n u still give yourself the chance to try it w that person because something inside of you tells u this time would be different>> true love is when u want the best for both of yall and know that there is perfection out there and it is you and him/her >> true love is what makes every minute worthy of living,,, its when u kiss and all u feel is an overwhelming sweet warmth all over u >> its when u realize hes everything u can not live without>>>>it is when you can say anything and be yourself becuause they love you for who you are defects and all

n as u looked for a definition u realized u had to make ur own because the love u feel for them is unique no one else can explain it but yourself
after 4 years of knowing eachother n 2 years of not being together we realized we felt so much more for eachother that we had to be together as "one" and i truly feel that the feelings that came back are the ones that never left>> u are the best that has ever happend to me n i love you sooo much that its just crazy how u mean everything to me n u truly are the guy i dreamt of n thank you baby for loving me karla and Ino cheers to many more years :P itruly belive we were meant to be ever since we met i have known we are true love yall overwhelming
by k/i the best January 04, 2010

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