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3 definitions by justin case

Kid with big glasses, who lettered in basketball but never played...Just did some score Keepin'..He thinks alot of girls like him..but they dont..
"Hey Kuby, wanna go fuck???"
by Justin case February 21, 2003
one who smuggles bones in his/her ass
your mother smuggles more bone than a pit bull
by justin case December 04, 2003
1. Ruler of the MetaKnights. And.. Uh.. He's a MetaKnight like the other MetaKnights.

2. King of the Internet

3. Online addict. Wait. That's the same as #2.

4. 42
"Have you seen MetaKnight?"
"Yeah. I hate that faggot.. I mean.. Cool guy."
by Justin Case February 25, 2005