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2 definitions by justin blue cheese

when you meet someone, who you get along with great, and you find out that you have the same names. a very rare coincidence.
usually between a guy and a girl who share names, (like sam, page, eric, jordan etc...)
person 1: man i've really been enjoying talking to you, but you still haven't told me your name.
person 2: ohh its sam.
person1: MINE TOO!!
person 2: you are totally my New Sibling!!!
by justin blue cheese December 19, 2008
a "super baller"

someone who can do anything, usually related to basketball
person 1: yo you see sam tonight?
person 2: no, what happened.
person 1: he made like 25 three's
person 2: hes sucha SB
by Justin blue cheese December 19, 2008