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if you're from worcester and you know how to speak, then you will refer to this delightful city as WOOSTAH. in worcester, some daily-lingo includes,

"whats the matta fa you?"
translation: "what's your problem?"

"whea'd you pahk the cah?"
translation: "where is the car parked?"

"when's the festival?"
translation: "when is the italian festival at Mt. Carmel or Lady of Loretto Church?"

"Oh, you want pastry? why didn't you just say so? Just guh down Shrewsbree Street and swing by Scano's bakery & pick up a few things"
translation: "If you want some good dessert, go to Scano's Bakery on Shrewsbury Street"

If you're looking for Italian food or some good bars, head down to Shrewsbury Street.

If you're looking for a biker bar, head to Cicero's, but only if you belong there. Otherwise, you'll get your ass kicked.

If you think you're a gangsta, then go to Holy Name of St. Peter Marian. You'll fit in just fine. Hardcore catholic school kids. Oh, boy.

If you want to strut your stuff on the dancefloor with some crazyass mofos, then head on over to Sh'Booms on Sunday nights. Yes, it's really called that.

Word to the wise, don't look at people wrong, and don't go into Great Brook Valley unless you have connections there.
"let's go jump that kid"


"He looked at me wrong"

"That shit doesn't fly here in Worcester. Let's get him"
by just some wackass worcesterite October 10, 2005

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