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Good things:

1. Best Education System in Fairfield County

Although people really forget about this fact, Wilton does have the best public schools in Fairfield County (see the CT Magazine ratings every year) and I'm sure thats the only reason why my parents continue to tolerate living here. While at Wilton I have had some excellent teachers; two of my teachers have a PhD in their respective fields.

2. Good Parties

As in any small town in fairfield county the parties are damn good.

3. Good sports

Yes, our sports teams are good too. Field Hockey and Girls soccer won States this year. Lax teams are perineal winners.

4. Some Genuine People

In order to live in Wilton, you must have money. Which means you must have a pretty good education right? (excluding stay at home moms) Within this group of people there are some very interesting people who dont just care about money. It is possible to survive in wilton as a non-business professional. You dont have to be bloody rich as in New Canaan or Darien, and I think that preserves some semblance of normalcy.

5. Short Drive to New York

Commuting to New York takes a little over an hour.

Very nice.

Bad Things

1. Superficiality

I dont know if people in Wilton are truly happy. Most pour all their money into their huge house renovations, expensive cars, country club memberships and 120 dollar haircuts and yet we have a huge rate of domestic violence incidents. Go figure. The only thing holding together half of the families in Wilton is the fact that the husband makes over 200,000 dollars a year.

2. Nothing to do

There isnt really anything to do here. Thats why everyone drinks and smokes. The teen center is a huge bust. Hey, but at least some kids got a resume booster out of it.

3. Open mindedness?

There are way too many conservative people in this town and the surrounding areas. I respect being conservative for religious reasons, but most people here love the padding that the tax cut gives them. There is definitely a huge stoner-chill out contingent within the highschool but most of these are not stoner-intellectuals, the majority are stoner-waste of lifes.

4. Pre-professional Pressure

There is tremendous pressure on the kids here to do really well in school, and get into an elite college. Most of the kids that are accepted to the elite schools are brilliant and self-motivated, proving that this pressure is unnecessary and ineffective.

On the whole, Wilton is suprisingly not as bad as New Canaan, Darien and Greenwich which epitomize Preppy-snobbyness and old money. But dont worry theres plenty of that here too.
Unlike the Darien Sport Shop, the Wilton Sport Shop sells clothing that you might consider working out in.
by just another bored wiltonian December 09, 2006

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