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Offensive term for a black man.
Hold on to your bags, there are jungle bunnies here.
by jungle jim December 01, 2003
lacerations one recives on the bottom of their feet when searching for clams in the bay with bare feet.
Chuck: Hoss, why are limping?
Jim: I harvested six dozen clams yesterday and I got a bad case of clam foot .
by Jungle Jim August 08, 2006
Someone who is very absorbed in preppy self presentation. These characters are commonly spotted at large malls shopping the United Colors of Benneton discussing themselves or their popularity.

Jeff- What's up with that Thomas dude?.
Lex- Oh, that's just Thomas, he's "Benetonic!"
by Jungle Jim January 22, 2007
Gentlemans Organization Of the Socially Expressive
by Jungle Jim March 12, 2004

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