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84 definitions by jsd96321

An expression used to define the level of force needed to complete a violent action.
Often accompanied by the phrase in your ass.
Often seen as a bumper sticker on Dodge trucks.
Ram it in your ass.
by jsd96321 January 20, 2012
A wildlife recreation area in Kentucky south of Cincinnati, Ohio. A tourist attraction.
A nick name for a city park in Cincinnati where homosexual prostitutes gather to ply their trade.
Another tourist attraction.
Bob: "I'm going to take the kids to Big Bone Lick State Park this
Sam: "Don't you think your sons are a little young for a blow job?"
by jsd96321 January 13, 2012
A female who is less than desireable in looks or personality
but will give it up without much effort on your part.
A woman that will make do during a dry spell.
Any old port in the storm.
A warm place to put it.
Emergency snatch, emergency pussy, emergency twat,
whatever you can find when your dick is harder than times
in '29.
I am so horny I may have to resort to some emergency cunt.
by jsd96321 January 11, 2012
An automobile that is equipped for easy sex.
Usually a large sedan with a comfortable back seat and tinted windows or a van with a fold out bed.
A babe magnet set of wheels.
"Hey there Hot Stuff! Why don't you step into the Bangmobile
and we can get busy!"
by jsd96321 January 07, 2012
A male with barely enough brain function to pump blood to keep his penis alive.
A means of transportation for an erection .
A very stupid male who's only reason for existing is to knock up bimbos.
A porn actor.
Kevin Federline.
Sally: " Did you hear? Susie got knocked up!"
Betty: " Which one of her brain dead dick life support boyfriends did it?"
Sally: " The one that looks like Kfed."
Betty: " It is amazing he can muster the brain power to get an erection."
by jsd96321 January 07, 2012
An attractive woman who appears in commercials for
ridiculous products that no one would buy otherwise.
A person who would sell their integrity for a quick buck.
A kept woman.
Someone who is willing to sacrifice thier name for a
stupid cause, for the right price.
The chick in that commercial is so hot! It's a shame she is a paid for slut for that stupid product.
by jsd96321 December 27, 2011
Someone who can ruin a good time.
A person who will turn something pleasureable into something
A person when attempting to give a blow job bites down on the dick.
Someone who will intentionally bite down hard on the dick to get out of giving a blow job.
To totally destroy a good moment.
"Dude this could have been the greatest night of our lives! You just had to be a total cockbiter and ruin it for everyone!"
by jsd96321 October 22, 2011