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A person who judges a woman's worth by the size of her boobs
or the quality of her cleavage.
Bob: "I would have asked elaine out but I'm not impressed by her boobs."
Sam: "Dude, you are such a boob critic."
by jsd96321 November 26, 2011
When someone's behind is so large that it would require a seperate conveyance to carry it around.
An electric cart available at Wal Mart or other large retail outlets for obese pigs to carry their wide load butts around the store.
"Junior! Run into the store and go get your mama an ass taxi,
while I find a handicap spot."
by jsd96321 January 05, 2012
Is Spanish for lick or to lick. Generally used as a derogatory description of a boot or ass licker.

A company man.
A student who brown noses the teacher.
A dick licker.
A butt licker.
You want a promotion? Go Lambe the boss for a while, you'll get it.
by jsd96321 May 28, 2011
An insult launched at someone to destroy their illusion that some place is great.
An assessment of a place of business that you visit on a back way road trip.
Your first thought at the sight of:
A low cost motel room.
A nasty eatery.
A greasy, dusty gas station with expired snack food and a gross restroom.
A line made famous by Bette Davis in the 1949 movie Beyond the Forest co-starring Joseph Cotten.
I can't believe you chose this crappy motel for our wedding night, what a dump!
by jsd96321 February 06, 2012
A phrase used by parents, bosses, supervisor or any person in a position of authority to all the stupid "what if" questions that are raised in a given situation.
Mom: "Put your toys away we are going to Grandma's."
Kid: "What I don't want to go?"
Mom: "We are going to Grandma's even if I have to drag you there."
by jsd96321 February 06, 2012
A response to someone expressing disappointment in someone else.
A generalization of a group of people.
Bob: "They kicked me out of the gay men's chorus."
Dave: "Those cocksuckers!"
Mary: "Everyone at work hates me."
Dave: "Those cocksuckers!"
Sam: "My family wants to send me to rehab."
Dave: "Those cocksuckers!"
Sally: "I got ambushed by Jehova's Witnesses."
Dave: "Those cocksuckers!"
by jsd96321 January 31, 2012
A bus that special kids ride on.
The retard bus.
A conveyence for transporting crippled, vegetable brained,
drains on society.
A slander leveled against an unintelligent person.
A way of accusing your friends of being stupid.
"Dude here comes the little yellow bus, you should get your
retarded ass on!"
by jsd96321 January 11, 2012

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