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(short for "Sure-Whore") "Sho-ho" is an easy way to say OK, while still reserving the right to say whatever else is still really on your mind (which could be just about anything).
Jim: Hey Julie, take over for a minute, OK

Julie: Sho-ho (while Julie thinks to herself "I've gotta do every-damn-thing by myself around here anyway")

Jim: (Jim thinks to himself "What? I wish that ambivalent @#*%& would say what's really on her mind").
by jpdrago October 31, 2010
UNSETTLING...word invented by Rob Danaher from the band "Cynical Truth"
LYRICS from the song titled "Easy"...by Cynical Truth

Ever feel like life is holding you down?
You want to run but you just can't seem to move
Standing still while the earth spins around
It's paralyzing, it's ANGSTIFYING you
by jpdrago February 01, 2010
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