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The word often used as an exclamation which serves to tell what you just said was false or wrong.
used to retract a lie
used to fake, fool, or decieve someone in a funny joking sarcastic way
means "just kidding" or "not!"
may also be spelled sike or psyche
Dave Chappelle uses it brilliantly

--Don't worry baby, I love you...I will never leave you

-Really? I thought you would hate me and never ever talk to me again.

--Psych! Bitch you got herpes! I'm not dating no skank ho with herpes...If you would have said genital warts that would have been another story!


--That's right...Then I would have killed you.
by jpabaloni December 02, 2006
When one has to poop really badly before an event such as a race, or game, or physical activity. And the person poops and breaks the seal...allowing that person to have to poop many times more perhaps soon after the first pooping because of the heat near the butthole and often can not even hold it in. Producing a very ugly effect of THE POOPY PANTS.
BEN! Don't you break the seal! Last time you pooped all over yourself during the game and ran around with POOPY PANTS.
by jpabaloni August 16, 2006

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