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you know, the place where you buy scrunchies.
guy1: I went to the scrunchie store the other day to buy a couple scrunchies.
guy2: Why? you have short hair.
guy1: you never know when you will need one
guy2: need a scrunchie...for what?
guy1: you might need to pull a girl's hair back and put it in a pony tail while she is busy giving you a blowjobby
by jpabaloni November 21, 2006
The most hardcore act of taking a car from point a to point b. The stormtrooper is the person who rides outside of the vehicle because either he/she chose to ride there or all of the car is filled up with people. The person or persons hang on to mirrors, racks, windows, etc. just to stay on the car.

Ben: Hey John, let's take your White Marauder mudding!
John: Ok but I'll be stormtroopering so you will have to drive.
Russell: John! It's raining outside.
John: So.
Ben: John is a true stormtrooper.
Joseph: Man I wish I could troop storms like John...He's so hardcore.

by jpabaloni April 03, 2007
To stray from group of friends upon sudden urge to take the life of very small animals in order to boost manhood, self confidence, and testosterone. This brutal act of killing is primarily used with a large bow and blunt arrow in order to make the killing even more brutal and takes place in a wooded area or forest. Choking and throwing rocks becomes necessary often. The most common targets are squirrels, woodpeckers, and small satin girls named Kathy.
Frank: Where's Joseph?
John: He went wigglewooding.
Russell: You think he is ok...He's been out there a while.
John: He'll be fine.
Frank: He took all the bows.
Russell: Man, Joe's never been the same after Kathy took him to that interpretive dance class.
by jpabaloni April 03, 2007
1. ugly
2. looks like a horse with his nasty teeth and long mane hair
3. doesn't look where he passes and messes up sometimes
Although Ronaldinho is a ugly, horse look-a-like, brazilian, barcelona midfielder who passes the ball away to the opponents because he thinks it is cool to fake look pass and he cries when he gets red cards, He actually is a very talented, gifted, motivated, and all around great person on and off the soccer of football field.
by jpabaloni August 16, 2006
Jonny Quest is a 10 or 11 year old blond haired boy who likes to go on Adventures... Hence the name of the famous cartoon show: (The Adventures of Jonny Quest) was a science fiction American animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, and created and designed by comic book artist Doug Wildey, about the adventures of a young boy who accompanies his father on extraordinary adventures.

Jonny Quest does his adventures with an indian friend who wears a jewelled turban and Nehru jacket named Hadji. They have a white french bulldog named Bandit who gets them in trouble all the time.
-Caroline: Hey what is JQ?
-John: It is the abbreviations for Jonny Quest the name I gave my penis.
-Caroline: Why did you name your scrumdidilyumtious that?
-John: Because he likes to go on adventures and he has a dark friend and a light friend named Hadji and Bandit.
-Caroline: What does Hadji and Bandit have to do with your penis being named Jonny Quest?
-John: One of my testicles is a dark color while the other is a light color and tends to get me in trouble.
by jpabaloni April 19, 2007
The middle back seat of a car which is usually never called unless the bitch seat is the only one left. or the trunk.
Girls or little kids are often stuck with this seat. Unless they are really a bitch. Then they get the bitch seat.
Hump is 5th best after driver, shot gun, wing man, andback seat driver, but better than trunk or bitch seat.

Ben-shot gun! Bitches.
John-wing man! YES!!
Frank-Damn. I guess I got the hump.
Anthony- I'll take back seat driver.
Russell- All that is left is the trunk. So that's mine.
John- Nope, the dead guy is in the back. So you'll have to sit in the bitch seat.
Who's driving?!?
by jpabaloni December 02, 2006
dirty, greasy, filthy, little, mustache that most spanish, mexican, or hispanic(latino) men as well as other unfortunate men have between there nose and upper lip.

The mexi stache is a symbol or sign of extreme wealth
and/or disformed penis.

Ben grows the mexi stache very well but will never be able to give good mustache rides like I.
by jpabaloni November 20, 2006

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