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The name of Jonny Quest's and Hadji's little white french puppy bulldog. This dog bites and is quite the little bitch. He gets Jonny Quest and his adventure team in trouble often and urinates on Hadji's jewelled turban probably because he is an Indian. Still, Bandit is a pretty awesome name for a dog. Bowser and Snoogle are two other awesome dog names.
-Lee: What should I name my new french bulldog?
-John: Name it Bandit like Jonny Quest's dog, or Bowser because your dog is a beast and that is just a kickass name.
-Russell: Hey you should name it Snoogle because it is a warm and cuddly puppy.
-Lee: Yo Russell, you might just be the gayest person I know.
by jpabaloni April 12, 2007
The month of March in which men AND women celebrate by not shaving their moustaches only. It is a celebration of masculinity of the facial hair that grows in between the nose and upper lip. It was introduced to lengthen the partying and festivities which is celebrated during Dirty Stache December which also celebrates a type of mustache, the mexi stache or dirty stache.

It is an offshoot of the original No Shave November and was a catalyst for the introduction of other facial hair celebrations like Soup Catcher September in which people shave all facial hair but leave the hair right below their lower lip on the front top of the chin call a soup catcher.

Another facial hair celebration is Fu Manchu February in which the Fu Manchu is grown in honor of Fu Manchu and chinese people.
"John your moustache is really growing in well. You are starting to look like a real Italian perhaps Mario or Luigi."

'Yeah, I know, it's Moustache March so being that I am Italian I call my moustache a mustaccio....and you can just call me Mario, AH WHO!'
by jpabaloni April 12, 2007
The month after No Shave November when you shave EVERYTHING but your dirty little mexi stache.
AKA (Mustache), (Moustache) or (Moustachio)

Italians and Spanish people (dirty little greaseballs),
and people named Ben have the best dirty staches and usually prevail as the winners of Dirty Stache December.

I am Italian and Ben, well Ben is just himself.
We have the best, most filthy mustaches and always compete against each other when Dirty Stache December comes around.
My mustache attracts girls because I am Italian and can give good mustache-rides. Ben just has a greasy mexi-stache and is gay. (so the girls avoid him)
by jpabaloni November 20, 2006
A threatening question inquiring a scuffle or fight which may break out into a large scale brawl or war.
Douchebag1: Hey. Fuck you buddy.
Douchebag2: Don't you stare at him.
Ben: You wanna sit on the ground?, chief?
by jpabaloni December 02, 2006
what happens after you see a hot female and then a really ugly female.

your penis becomes erect (when seeing a hot lady) and then curls like a monkey's tail (hence the name) when it sees a repulsive ugly women.

if the woman is ugly enough, your penis will assume the monkey tail position and never ever creep back out into the world as a regular working penis again. It happened to me and I sued the woman for being ugly.
My little johnny bravo became quite a flagpole when I saw the hot mom. Then her terribly ugly daughter came into view and the party in my pants was over. My penis had curled up like a monkey tail in a matter of seconds.
by jpabaloni November 21, 2006
Word used in place of Fuck, Shit, Damn

used just like pooper scooper is used.
Jacob exclaimed, "shitskys" as he jumped up and down excitedly after losing an arm in the jousting tournament.
by jpabaloni November 21, 2006
1. When a guy ties a girl's feet to a tree limb, and spins her upside down, while she sucks his penis. After she is done the guy yells: "BOOM SUCKA!!". A squirrel may also just happen to be in attendance while this action is performed.

2. When a girl eats a polish sausage with nuts.

3. A squirrel residing in Poland or of Polish descent.

4. When you run over a squirrel in Poland in your car while your girlfriend is sucking your penis.
1. Jacob left his girlfriend hanging from the tree after she gave him a bad polish squirrel, but he still yelled: BOOM SUCKA! and then he punched her in the face.

2. Maria loved the way her polish sausage slid down her throat and exclaimed that she was not a polish squirrel virgin anymore.

3. Little Johnny saw a polish squirrel on tv and now he wants one to play with.

4. Poland had the highest rate of fatal polish squirrel
accidents last year, leaving about 1 million infant baby polish squirrels motherless. AND about 1 million polish men happy.
by jpabaloni August 16, 2006
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