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A rightfully underknown and possibly useless product designed to wrap around your seat belt, cushioning your big tiddies (titties) from any discomfort and, thusly, promoting personal safety for the unjustly buxom and repugnantly obese. This plush apparatus is designed to be inconspicuously disguised as a small teddy bear, when not in use, hence the name.
"My shoulder strap used to pull so tight I could hardly breathe. Now, with the Tiddy Bear, I really enjoy traveling again." (actual quote from a real Tiddy Bear advertisement)
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke May 11, 2008
The act of using your pant leg as a sling/chute to fling feces onto the face of an enemy or anybody else. This is achieved by intentionally passing solid waste, while having gone commando in a pair of jeans or pants. The lack of underwear will lead the solid waste to travel down one pant leg. Once this is done, you lift your foot and kick at the air in front of them. This achieves the effect which earns its name from the snowman-like appearance lent to the victim by the feces; lumps of shit peppering their face much like lumps of coal on a snowman.
I went to a Bill Hicks show and that bitch ain't funny no more. So, I go's to talk to him after the show. Bitch reaches out to shake my hand and I gived him a Cleveland snowman, straight-up. Holla!
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke May 10, 2008
Urinating in a public, men's bathroom that has more than one urinal and opting to, rather than use one urinal and stick to it, run the gauntlet and piss in all of the urinals in a continuous stream. Usually performed while drunk, although sober attempts are acceptable.
I got out of the movie and there was nobody there, except this old dude taking a shit. So, I did an Irish drive-by.
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke May 10, 2008
Where a girl wants you to go, when she's bleeding.
Trixie - "I told Gary I was on the rag and let him take the detour from big beaver. He was pretty happy about it."

Pam - "We're on the same cycle. You shouldn't be on the dot, until next week."

Trixie - "I know."

Pam - "Girl, you're a freak."
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke May 22, 2008
That special cigarette that seems to come in every pack which induces the need to shit.
You will know you've had a shiterette, when you step out to smoke and any possible bathroom signals your body has previously sent to your brain, unnoticed, suddenly hit you full force after your first drag or two. A shiterette is usually impossible to enjoy because - although you refuse to do the sensible thing by extinguishing your smoke, going to the bathroom and returning to smoke afterward - the whole time you are smoking, you can't enjoy it because all you can think about is how badly you have to take a shit.
Rent Fan - "Oh my god, Sister Christian, why are you standing all stiff and uncomfortable? Enjoy your smoke break, already. It's like a little vacation!"
Sister Christian - "I got a shiterette and all I can think about is my damn gas pains, fool."
Rent fan - "Oh my god! Don't even get me started on butt problems!"
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke August 23, 2008
Commonly an "ebonic" pronunciation of question. Often used in the same American-English dialect which employs the word "ax" in place of "ask".
Why can't I ax you a corshin, booty?
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke May 11, 2008
Possibly explained as a punctuated Wolf Bite, the Dog Bark is a sweaty, chaffing ass crack's wake-up-fart. It's a well known fact that farting hurts, when you've got a Wolf Bite. Now you know that such a fart (in which every vibration and clap is felt like a slap on sunburn) is called a Dog Bark.
Damn, I knowed I shouldn'a ate them Crunch Wraps before I goed jogging. Them shits gave me the Dog Bark hard core, son.
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke May 08, 2008

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