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the lack of traffic.
wow, there sure is a lot of non-traffic!

we ran into a lot of non-traffic on the way home.

the non traffic during anti-rush hour was fabulous.
by josh davis20 January 02, 2008
the same as being far-sighted. except in hearing. the ability to not hear things close to you, but when you are far away, they are clear as a bell. also known as "selective-hearing".
example of far-heared-
man to woman(up close, not in a loud setting) " what did you do last night?"
Woman, "huh?"
"What did you do last night?"
"oh, nothing, i'll be right back."
(man to other bystander)" she cant hear anything."
(woman halfway across the room) "i heard that."
by josh davis20 January 02, 2008

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