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Basically meaning 'Kids who just stand around at shows for the scene.' This term is now becoming older and older as more 'scene kids' start to dress scene not 'act it.' Hell I know so many 'scene' kids that listen to fucking brutal music and dance at shows, they don't just do it for the scene.
But alas I can see where people come from when they talk abt faggy pretentious scene kids that take a bazillion pictures for myspace and are sheepish constanly touch their hair and fold their arms and bitch whine and bitch but anyway yeah the music scene isn't about fashion but fashion is always incorporated into the scene, so I'm afraid you crnt just go "ah fucking scene kids blah blah blah...hatebreed...I'm a tough guy & I kick the shit out of you cus I listen to Donny Brook" cus chances are, you wear baggy jeans and some stupid £10 silver necklace and you have a skinhead, so yet agen your still doing it for the fashion! your trying to get out of this loophole that you crnt get out of. So I just say stop trying to be fuckin original, cus everyone dresses the same neway & also stop makin a big deal outta the hardcore scene, it's not about self respect bla blah blah its about wotever the fuck you want. Btw i fucking hate the scene.
Twatty Tough Guy "Grrr I hate scene kids, I have too many baggy hatebreed t shirts and my band has a fat bassist that just tunes to drop d and plays all the same old shit, Our new album is out it's called 'the hard fight' we have a new song called 'Self Respect'. Favourite pastimes are ranting abt how shit myspace is & trying to look cool and not find lots of clothes that seperate me from the scene.
Twatty Scene Kid "OMGZZZZZZ like my band is gonna play awesome metalxcore and we're gonna be called .burningxthroughxthexseasonxofxfire. and we're gonna have long song titles like 'I didn't even know it but he died right before my eye's, and now I'm carrying his corpse' I love x's on my screen name and my band name cus we're 'straight edge' but we still smoke and drink
by josh coulton April 07, 2006
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