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Counterstrike is the first add-on pack for Command & Conquer: Red Alert. It adds new units to Red Alert such as Wonderdogs and Super Jets, as well as giving players new missions and unlocking the secret of the Ant Missions hinted at in the original Red Alert manual.
No, not Counter-Strike, the wildly-popular Half-Life modification. Counterstrike. For Red Alert.
by Joseph D. Collins May 01, 2005
The second and final Command & Conquer: Red Alert add-on which adds powerful units like Chrono Tanks, Tesla Soldiers, M.A.D. Tanks, and other such marvels into the game, in addition to adding even more missions to this already wonderful game. Can be stack-installed with Counterstrike.
"So, Aftermath is the last Red Alert 1 add-on?"
"I'm afraid so."
by Joseph D. Collins May 01, 2005
Shorthand version of the Global Defense Initiative, one of two factions in the Command & Conquer series of games.(Generally regarded as "the good guys".)
The GDI has Mammoth Tanks, while Nod has Stealth Tanks.
by Joseph D. Collins May 01, 2005
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