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the defanition fo diz word is simple, da 209 is da area code fo da most gangsta place in calli, if ya from da valley ya know what im sayin, da place were all them drugs ya takin r made, from meth, to white gulrs, ex, mary all dat shit, 209 is da central valley, da west is comin back wit some brand new artilary, here to smash on the world like wahhhh! 209 is from tracy down to los banos, newman, merced, planada, legrand, modesto, turlock, atwater all them towns inbetween, we gonna blow up -centro valley playas
-yo were ya from homes

--da big 209 cuz

-yea i heard yal bout ta blow up

-damn right from da bay to la, 209's gonna complete calli
by jose moreno c-RoC July 24, 2006
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