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The King of All Boards; the I/S' coat of arms consists of a Shield with a Vulture eating a Man symbolizing the victory of Ignorance over Knowledge, and Animal Instinct over Moral Values, which are the bases of I/S behavior; also, a lightbulb shines above, symbolizing the Enlightment that I/Sers suffer when spending a lot of time on the boards. The I/S is a popular board in Neopets, and probably the worst and most useless of all, because TNT doesn't give a shit about Ideas or Suggestions, they just make shit up. The I/S is goverend by Queen Regnant Fluffy and King Consort Sess, both self-proclaimed, although I/Sers would give their life to protect either. This wonderful place is full of retards and some cool kids, known as I/Sers; however, many of the old school I/Sers have left neo, and may come back some day, but they might already have a life. The list of official I/S cool kids varies from person to person, but i'll try to list some, also note that some of them don't go on anymore: Myles, Lovegood, Radar, Sam, Benny, Person, Chibi, Snow, Fluffy, Kookie, Daphne, Misti, Stevo, Kyle, Person, Sondra, Lamb, Ela, Silence, Chib, Jacob, Zaf, Marina, Choco, Andrew, Sock, Pavel, Sess, Lamb, Matty, Greyson, Tms, . The boards, or threads, are usually about the meaninglessness of life, moral subjects, culinary appreciation, romantic suicides, and soul topics. There have many milestones in the history of the I/S, including several battles, important days and such; like the War against the OW, the NW, the EMS, F-Day (Also know as the Day the Filters Went Down). There are two official I/Stv Newscasts, one by Kyle, and one by Stevo, you can look them up on Youtube. If you're a cool kid, don't waste your time! Go to the I/S now, lurk a little, post occasionally and chat with the cool kids, don't be pretentious, and eventually you'll be liked.

The I/S also makes occasional Stickam parties.
I/Ser: hay guys
newb: this is for ideas or suggestions ONLY
I/Ser: piss off
by jorge ruiz aka stevo August 22, 2008

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