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1. true, a phenomenally boring city
2. a city much like most suburbia, all the houses look the same and the city's wealth follows a class system, from the streets 6 th through 25th
25th being excessively rich, gaudy, and moronic
6th being dirt poor, and generally where the minorities live
3. the Beverly hills of the Inland empire, and Sanbernardino County, unbenounced that SB and the IE are both shit-heaps full of meth labs and ethnically driven violence
4. the whitest city in all of southern california, a city full of bitchy white women who drive SUV's and believe they understand anything about the world because they never leave their comfort zone of one block
5. a city so boring that the cops break up every single party because they have nothing to do whatsoever
6. calls itself "the city of gracious living" because it is stuck up and, literally, that pretentious
1. Those annoying bro hoes, Aren't they from Upland?
2. That fat-ass white woman, the one on the cell phone drinking starbucks profusely and being rude to everyone; theres an upland woman.
3. God, im so fucking bored, it feels like I'm in Upland, Ca.
by jorg katier December 17, 2007
Che-shure k-at
an extremely plur raver from Los Angeles
popular in many circles of the rave community
referring to one who is popular in many circles of the rave community
reffered to frequently as "ches" or "the kat"
always to be spelled with a K
Did you hear Cheshire Kat will be at this party ?
by jorg katier December 17, 2007
a boring show created by the balls-out dorks of Upland CA the absolute dregs of the high school performers the most noxious and inane kind of entertainment
Man, halftime at the football game, I hope they don't have a that horrible upland highland regiment come out. I'd rather eat sand than watch that crap.
by jorg katier December 17, 2007

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