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too be juicy in all aspects of life, able to tell crazy fishtales better than anyone in the world.
when you can severe your fingers off, and then with tape reattach them. you went to school to be a southie priest back home in canada that proves your juicy judy
by jordan knight October 18, 2012
The act of being creepy and acting like a donkey who annoys everyone around him.
When I saw judy with that older man I laughed out loud and yelled, hey I that pedro folio
by jordan knight November 04, 2012


Regular weed

Dirty seed filled Mexican marijuana

Marijuana bought at cheap prices often times in impoverished neighborhoods in front of liquor stores from African Americans with gold teeth possibly carrying a firearm in their waste band who will not hesitate to make you “spread your shit” in order to take all of the Caucasians belongings and money, without exchanging the shwag.

"Dude, I got some weed the other day and it was shwag"
by Jordan Knight April 01, 2008

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