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Rich ass town in Bergen County. home of the spoiled rich kids who get everything they want, not from working for it, but just from the cash pouring out of their new york city working fathers. Styles range from, "ghetto", emo, prep, jappy, etc. Clothes consist of Juicy everything, lacoste, hollister, A&F, pac sun, band tees from Hot Topic, and pretty much a lot of designer crap. Every kid has atleast one coach bag or something of the type like douneyandburke, louie vuitton, chanel, dior, etc. Pretty much the most amazing town in the world. Where the best parties are thrown. underage drinking is the highlight of every weekend. There are a lot of sluts here but there all amazing and sweet and gorgeous so dont mess with them. We're willing to fight anyone who stereotypes us.. even though most of them are true dont do it.. not cool. We hate to be judged but whatever we love the attention. When you talk about us it doesnt upset us like u may think it does, its actually quite amusing because we know your just jealous. Driveways and garages here consist of Mercedes, BMWs, Audis, Range Rovers, Ferraris, corvettes, Jeeps, etc.

random outoftownie 1: "omg upper saddle river girls are so slutty and spoiled"
random outoftownie 2: oh come on u know everyone from our town is just jealous
random outoftownie 1: yea thats true, i wish i was rich enough to live there.
by jord and mand December 26, 2006

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